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All houses are sold from the developer in BatumiVillas One.  If you want to buy property in Batumi Villas One, unfortunetely there is nothing for sale even from the house owners.

batumi apartments for sale

Why You Should Buy Property in Georgia Batumi?

Best Rental Yield: Your property in Georgia Batumi will pay itself averagely in 9-10 years. Rental prices are very high if you compare it with your investment. You will get 10% rental yields annually. Seconly, all properties in Georgia are rented in USD so you will not get any risk of local currency. 

Developing City: Batumi is the second biggest and most visited city in Georgia. Before Corona Virus, total of 9.3 million people visited Georgia in 2019. And 3.5 million of these people visited Batumi.

No Property Tax: When you buy an apartment in Batumi, you will only pay house registration fee around 50 usd. 0 annual property tax at all!

Wonderful Seaside and Mountain Area: Batumi is located on the coast of Black Sea and all around the city surrounded by Mountains.

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