What is the procedure of buying a property in Georgia?

1. Sign the pre-purchase contract between seller and buyer.

2. Register the property in the public register.

3. Make the payment according to contract

When buying a house in under construction, two agreements are signed: pre-purchase and main.

Pre-purchase agreement includes:

the company’s commitment is to hand over the house in a certain time and condition that is described in the same agreement (repair, walls, floor, windows, doors, communications, etc) and obligations of the parties to sign a main contract in the future.

The buyer will be registered in Justice House as Future Owner of the house under construction.

The company will build and hand over the house at the time. When signing the main contract, house will be again registered to the buyer as Owner.

Can citizens of other countries buy a house in Georgia?

Buying a property in Georgia, citizenship does not matter. Foreign citizens can buy property, regardless of which country citizens they have.

What documents are required for a foreigner to buy a property?

You must have a valid passport and amount to pay the cost of the property under the agreement for buying apartments in Batumi.

In which language is the agreement issued?

They are signed in two languages – Georgian and the language of the buyer. Both copies are legally binding, signed by both parties of the agreement as well as a translator.

How much does the registration in a public register cost?

Investing is Batumi is not costy. Cost of services in the public registry depend on how fast you want it to be concluded. 4 business days - 50 gel, 1 business day - 150 gel. at the same day - 200 gel.

What is «Black» and «White Frame»?

“black frame” assumes the absence of internal partitions and repair. Plastic windows, entrance doors, communication facilities penciled to the front door are included. advantages: lower price, layout and decoration shall be done to your taste.

“white frame” means the space with interior decoration ( screed, plaster), plastic windows, metal entrance doors, internal partitions on your project. Also include central heating and water pipes and electricity lines. Advantages: purchasing a “white frame” you save time and effort, that goes into the black work.