Apartments for sale in Batumi are doing research about the city. Batumi is located on Turkey’s north-eastern border with Georgia and on the Black Sea coast. People find it advantageous to invest in real estate in Batumi Georgia, due to its affordable prices and easy obtaining of a residence permit in Georgia.

According to Georgian law, short-term residence permits are granted to people who own a property worth $100,000 or more. If you meet the necessary conditions, it is possible to extend this period when permission is obtained by applying to the relevant authorities. If you are considering investing in real estate in Batumi Georgia, then you may need to pay in the country’s local currency.

Georgia Batumi House For Sale

People who want to invest in real estate in Batumi, Georgia, are searching for detached houses for and available villas. Batumi, with its mild climate and Black Sea scenery and beaches, is one of the new favorite places in Europe. The affordable house prices in Batumi and the fact that the majority of the houses in the city are new increase the interest in real estate in this region. Batumi, the second largest city in Georgia, is located approximately 20 kilometers from the Turkish border.

With the international agreements made between Turkey and Batumi, Turkish citizens have the right to travel to Georgia without a visa and stay in Georgia for up to one year. In addition, with the decree dated 8 June 2015, Turkish citizens have the right to stay in Georgia from 90 days to one year without a visa. Those who want to invest in real estate in Batumi, Georgia, can find many different real estates suitable for their budgets and needs, such as different flats, detached houses, ground floor garden floor villas.

Prices of flats, detached houses and villas for sale in Batumi vary depending on the features of the house. In particular, the size of the house, its location and the date it was built are among the most important factors affecting the prices of the house. If you are looking for real estate in Batumi and want to make an investment that fits your budget, you can contact our company and get information and service about houses for sale and other real estate investments in Batumi.

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