Real Estate in Batumi Georgia

Updated: 4 days ago

Many people who want to invest are looking for real estate in Batumi Georgia, Turkey's closest neighbor. Of course, people want to have information about this region before investing in real estate. It is a city located on the northeastern border of Turkey, on the Georgian and Black Sea coast.

batumi city

Due to the fact that real estate prices in Georgia are affordable and visa-free residence permits can be obtained here, people are searching for apartments and other properties for sale in Batumi. According to Georgian shares, short-term residence permit is given to people who have a transport of 100,000 USD or more in the country.

If necessary conditions are met, it is possible to extend this period when permission is obtained by applying to the relevant authorities. Those wishing to invest in real estate in Batumi Georgia, may in some cases also need to pay using the country's local currency.

Georgia Batumi Flat For Sale

There are many different apartment options with different features and sizes in Batumi, Georgia. In addition to apartments, investors are also interested in villa options for sale in Batumi. Batumi, which has a temperate climate, has a view of the Black Sea coast. However, house prices in Batumi are affordable and most of the houses in the city are new houses. For this reason, many investments tend to buy real estate in Batumi. The Georgian city of Batumi is located approximately 20 kilometers from the Turkish border.

Georgia Batumi House Prices for Sale

The prices of real estates in Batumi, Georgia, are one of the most researched topics by people who are considering making a real estate investment. In Batumi, Georgia, there are many options such as apartments for sale, detached house, garden floor, ground floor, penthouse, villa with different features and sizes. In general, it is seen that the majority of the houses in the city center are new. Factors such as the features and location of the houses in the year they were built affect the prices significantly. For this reason, detailed information can be obtained from the real estate agents serving in the region. If you are looking for real estate for sale in Batumi, Georgia, you can get professional support by contacting our company to find the most suitable house for your needs and budget.