Turnkey Townhouses and Villas for Sale in Batumi 

Luxury Townhouses very close to Batumi Beach with attractive prices among Batumi real estate

Have your own house in Batumi for an amazing life 


Buyback Guarantee

If you do not like your Townhouse in Batumi Villas Projects at the end of the construction, We give guarantee that we will buy back the house from you, also we will pay you %10 interest because we were unable to satisfy your expectation.

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Best Locations

Batumi Villas Projects are located in Adlia Neighbourhood which is surrounded by low-rise buildings and very close to Batumi Boulevard and seaside. Luxury residence projects, 5-star hotels and Metrocity Mall is only within 1 km distance.


Turnkey Houses

Only few companies offer a complete renovation for your townhouse in Batumi. If you do not want to deal with black or white frame townhouse in Batumi, our projects are the best offer. We have complete solution for you.


Your Own Garden

All Houses of Batumi Villas' complexes  have their own gardens at the backyard. Yards differ between 20 and 100 sqm. The whole garden will be delivered fully landscaped.


Unique Architecture

We have been inspired by old style of Greek architecture and some touch with old Europian row house. Some design elements of facade such as stones will be brought from Greece.

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Each of house owners will have parking places for free. Batumi Villas multifunctional complexes offer enough parking places for you and your guests both inside and outside of complex.

No High-rise building around your house in Batumi

Best option among Batumi real estate market. All around of the complexes will not be high rise buildings in the future. Construction Permit is given only for 3 storey in the territory.






Villas in Total

Total Land Area



3rd Project

More Green Less Concrete

only 30% of the projects occupied by houses, 70% green and common areas

Profitable Investment

Purchasing a townhouse in Batumi Villas harmony is a smart investment. You can achieve a realistic payback within 9-10 years. An average monthly rent would be 1.500$. 

Holding Bills

Flexible Payment

Payment terms are one of the most important factors at the time of buying a house and taking into consideration this, Batumi Villas offers the most flexible conditions. We decide the payment plan with our clients.

Quality Furniture

All of our furnitures will be one of the best quality brand called DOGTAS from Turkey. You will have colour options.

Professional Management

In order to ensure high quality of service, it is important to clean the complex regularly. The relevant service, as well as all other management services, will be provided by a Property Management Company.


Strong Resistance

Batumi Villas harmony and out other projects have one of the strongest statical plan in Batumi. We are welcome you to discuss and prove this with our technical plans and engineer.




Materials with thermal and hydro insulation will be used for the facade of the building of Batumi Villas projects. Separator walls between facade and apartments are constructed with 20cm thick pumice blocks.